Why Commercial Cleaning Matters

    Small to large businesses need Big O Clean janitorial services, because our staff specializes in commercial cleaning. In most cases, it is more cost effective for businesses to hire a professional cleaning company than to use their own employees (employers don’t have to pay our janitorial staff benefits or higher wages to clean their office). Many employers already know that it is more efficient to hire an outside cleaning service to maintain their office hygiene, especially one that can be a one-stop source for all their janitorial needs (cleaning supplies, deep floor cleaning, etc.).  

Warning signs that the current commercial cleaning regimen is insufficient include:

  • High number of employee sick days.
  • Dirty restrooms.
  • More insects in the office than usual.
  • Unusual odors.
  • A general appearance of uncleanliness throughout the office.

Our company employs account managers who handle any issues identified by their clients, and work hand in hand with the operations department to correct any issues that may arise during the duration of office cleaning services. Account managers also provide quality control inspections to ensure the client’s expectations are being met. All employees (part time, temporary, full time) undergo stringent background checks, drug screenings, and a rigorous interview process.

Big O Clean is headquartered in Omaha,Ne  so local businesses benefit from discounted rates, because the janitorial crew assigned to their account dispatches directly from the Omaha office. Account managers also operate primarily out of Omaha, which means local clients receive an even higher level of attention than clients from other parts of Nebraska.

All commercial cleaning services are eco-friendly in order to minimize the environmental impact of any cleaning service.

Professional janitorial and commercial cleaning services in Omaha, Nebraska!